Why The DF-4?

Why The DF-4?

  1. The DF-4 stands for Deadfall Figure – 4. It mimics the traditional figure four trap trigger system carved out with sticks. Yet it is in a one piece design, and it collapses down for easy storage. The DF-4 deadfall trap can easily be set with one hand holding the trap trigger, and the other holding up the deadfall. The traditional carved figure four trap method works very well and is time tested, but can be time consuming and difficult to set.
  2. The DF-4 is made with a combination of 6000 series aluminum, and the pivot points are put together with air craft type rivets. The traps are also anodized with a type III harden finished. A lot of effort was made to keep these traps light, compact, and durable.
  3. The DF-4 traps system comes with 5 traps, a carry bag with an inside pouch that includes a survival tin. The survival tin contents includes 10 feet of snare wire, which can also be used for securing the bait to the traps, 10 feet of 20 lbs. fishing line, three hooks, and sinkers, instructions and small piece of orange para-cord for make a fishing lure The bag also includes water proof detailed instruction on how to set the traps, and some trapping tips
  4. The 5-Pack of Traps with a carrying bag, and a loaded survival tin, weighs in at 1lbs 4.5 oz. The size of a loaded bag with 5 traps, and tin comes in at 4 ¾ “x 2 ¼” width and 14 ½” Tall.
  5. The traps have been extensively tested with an accuracy average ranging around 20% per trap. Meaning with every five well placed traps we would have one to two captures a day, of course we do not guarantee these figures as many factors come into play.
  6. The Pros of the DF-4 trap are light weight, packable, stealth, efficient, fast setting, humane due to a quick kill mechanics, or it can be used for live capture with cage type deadfalls. The DF-4 when in use can be working for you while you engage in other activities. The DF-4 is one of the few traps that is light enough, as well as taking up minimal room in your pack, giving you the ability to carry it with you. These traps are perfect to carry in a pack or vehicle, for emergency food procurement, or can be used for basic trapping if laws allow.
  7. The DF-4 is not a gimmick, it is a real survival tool. Trapping is not the most popular subject these days, however it is a viable way to produce protein. In the event an alternative way is needed to provide food the DF-4 is a real option.

Contact Information:    Ed Mitchell

ed @df-4.com